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In the Excel For Each Row activity, click on the right side of the Range or table field, and then select UID > Input [Sheet] > Transactions [Table] to select the table Transactions from the Input sheet of the file UID. Your selection is displayed in the Range or table field as [UID] Transactions. 1. There is always a good old index variable: Dim row_number as integer = 0 For Each dr As DataRow In dt.Rows ' here i want the row number (row_number) of the row being processed ' so that i can update some values in the previous row of datatable dt ' something like dt (row_number-1) (0) = 50 row_number += 1 Next. Share. This snippet will get all the variable definitions from each of your workflow files. Free Custom Activity Append Row Number in DataTable by Jack Chan 1.2k This activity is useful for scenarios where you need to know the corresponding Excel row number of each row in a DataTable. Free Custom Activity Novigo Solutions - Get Cell Name.
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